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A handful of longtime beer can collectors have compiled this site to provide a history of beer cans and the beer can collecting hobby. Click on one of the cans at left to visit the beer can categories.

What's new at The Big Sale of all can inventory!

We are in the process of clearing out the entire inventory of our Cans for Sale page. In early 2010, we take all our existing inventory, box them up in lots of 100-200 cans, and then sell them at 50%-80% off of the original prices. This will include new stocks of cone top and other dumper cans as well as cans from the 1970's through the present.

Our biggest project ever is coming. The Encyclopedia of Beer Cans is under construction. Our goal is to picture several thousand different beercans on state by state. Check out the first states Arizona , California , Colorado , Connecticut . As of November, 2008 they are mostly complete.

We are still compiling a list Tennent's English and Scottish scenes. There are approximately 45 different scene cans pictured out of an estimated total of 80. We are hoping to get a complete compilation of all of these cans. We need your help to complete the entire list.Tennent's Scenes

Since so many people write to ask what a can or collection is worth, we have begun building a page to describe Beer Can Values. While we can't describe every can, we do describe cans from several different time period. For each group we describe a typical price range and a price range for the more exceptional cans.

We are in the process of compiling a complete list of all Canadian Flats and Cones. We need your help to complete the entire list. If you are a member of the BCCA, you probably saw the list in the February, 2001 news report. The larger photos here on the website will hopefully make it easier to spot any variations.

To go to any of the individual pages, click on the appropriate can above.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or have cans for sale please send us a note : Tim at